TAP LEÓN is a division of Textiles León Group, a Mexican company with 55 years of experience in the textile industry and with presence in NAFTA area, Spain, Morocco and Colombia.
In Textile Advanced Processes our expertise is in narrow fabrics, special fibers, finishing processes and value added processes.

TAP offers textile solutions for high competitive sectors like the automotive, aerospace, medical, safety, pipelines restoration and industrial applications in textile products offering the highest quality
standards and cutting edge technologies. Our principal clients are Faurecia, Lear Co., Tachi-S and Hope Global.

  • Products and services

    We have several kind of products, that we can develop and produce based on the client’s necessities, such as: • Webbing • Printed Label • Woven Label • Elastic Band • Braided Elastic • Synthetic Leather (PVC & PU) • Automotive mesh • Automotive nets. • Assembly & Added value process.
  • Certifications

    • ISO 9001:2008
  • Capabilitites

    Textiles León, has a capacity of more of 50 million of meters per year in different textiles products, it also has different capacities on finishing and transformation as well, all this, to fulfil the market’s requirements
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