SK TEC MEXICANA is a company dedicated to stamping, welding (Arc & Spot) and assembly of metal parts for automotive industry. Additional to this processes, we can offer integral parts.
It means that SK Tec can arrange the assembly of plastic components, insert mold, plating, heat treatment, painting (e-coating, nylon coating, etc.).

We are part of Sankyo Group. A Group with headquarters and 3 manufacture companies in Japan. Overseas we have 2 branch offices located in the United States (Ohio state)
and in Mexico (Irapuato, Guanajuato).

SK TEC MEXICANA is located in the named bajio diamond, near to Mazda, Honda & Nissan plants

  • Products and services

    • Door. Mainly brackets • Seat (frame and body). Brackets, movement parts, lock parts, rail, Lever, Links. • Sunroof: Rail system (stamping parts, plastic, insert mold, assembly) • Chassis: Brackets mainly.
  • Certifications

  • Capabilitites

    PRESS EQUIPMENT UNITS DATE OF ACQUISITION • 110ts (1100kn) AIDA Progressive 3 2013/2017 • 110tw (1100kn) AIDA Progressive 1 2013 • 160tw (1600kn) AIDA Progressive 1 2013 • 200t (2000kn) AIDA Progressive 2 2013/2016 • 300t (3000kn) AIDA Progressive 2 2013/2016 • ULX-3000 (300t) AIDA Pvvrogressive 1 2014