Servicios Vistamex is a Tier 2 Mexican Company , which on the last years have been developed as trustworthy supplier into Plastic Injection and Aseebmly Industry, offering SOLUTIONS with
Competitive Prices and ensuring the Deliveries on time our Customers.

  • Products and services

    Plastic parts (steering wheels’ car, vents and components for air conditioning, front and rear lights, antennas, radiators, transmissions). Technological capabilities: Performing analysis Metrology parts and components to meet the requirements of a PPAP.
  • Certifications

    • IATF • ISO 9001 • UL MOLDER • Socially Responsible Company
  • Capabilitites

    INJECTION • Automatized process, over molding and pigmented • 25 Tons up to 880 Tons ASSEMBLY • Automotive and white color sub assembly products • Household assembly finish good products ADDITIONAL PROCESS • Heat transfer and pad printing • Ultrasound welding
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