The RAFI group is a leading supplier of components, assemblies, and systems for the automotive industry. We also refine and further process these products. To meet the special requirements
of the automotive industry, we have pooled the necessary competencies at our subsidiary RAFI Dekotec in Steisslingen.

Among other things, we manufacture functional components, complete electromechanical systems, and decorative assemblies, paying special attention to human-machine communication.
You provide the idea. We make it happen. We are no average supplier. That’s because our scope includes not only design and production, but also development.
So you can relax and rely on superior design of interior spaces and electronic controls.

  • Products and services

    Automotive components: housings, reflectors, base plates, and buttons such as: Painted and lasered buttons, Autohold and blind buttons, HUD switches. Automotive systems - key switches, pushbuttons, rotary/push actuators, push, rotating and multi-function switches as well as complete control systems with displays, electronics, and interfaces. Assemblies - In addition to radio control panels, climate control units, multi-function switches, and switch modules, we also offer you pre-assembly of various assemblies.
  • Certifications

    • IATF 16949:2016 (DQS and IQNet) • ISO 9001:2015 with StVR (DQS) • ISO 9001:2015 Automotive
  • Capabilitites

    - INJECTION MOLDING • 15 Machines - 2x 40T, 5x 100T, 1x 200T, 4x 2K-110T, 1x 2K-300T, 1x 85T, 1x 110T - PAINTING • 1 Flat-bed automated paintline • High speed for high volumes • Currently less than 40% of capacity utilized • Official paint supplier nominated by Audi and Volkswagen • Prepared for UV and high gloss paint (upon customer specifications) • 1 Tampoprint station - LASER & ASSEMBLY • 5 Assembly lines (2x incl. Ultra Sonic) • 5 Laser machines