K TECH MEXICO has the capabilities to design, manufacture, repair, modify and adapt molds for plastic injection based on the customer’s demands. It specializes in molds of 1.5 tons and less,
both cold and hot runner systems, for horizontal and vertical injection (insert molding). The know-how of its international technical staff coming from Japan, China and Mexico has connected
with brand new equipment to produce the highest quality standards molds.
K Tech’s accomplishment is to seamlessly integrate both mold manufacturing and plastic injection processes, being capable to undertake in house production after manufacturing the molds

  • Products and services

    K Tech Mexico offers: • Plastic injection • Mold & components design and making, repairing, maintenance and remolding • Plastic parts painting • Press stamping • Press dies components making, repairing and maintenance
  • Certifications

    • Starting the process towards ISO 9001.
  • Capabilitites

    12 horizontal and vertical injection machines from 50 to 350 tons (over molding also possible); 3 CNC milling machines, 2 sinker EDM’s, 2 WEDM’s, 3 grinders; 1 110-ton press; 1 spraying robot. QC instruments duly calibrated and verified.