In 1932, IMASEN succeeded in the domestic production of electronic alarm horns (Knight Horn) for automobiles.

Since becoming established as a publicly traded corporation in 1939, we have grown along with the expansion of motorization in Japan, and carefully built our current level of reliability
and performance as a good partner for automobile manufacturers. IMASEN is an independent manufacturer.

We now provide a variety of products that respond to the increasingly sophisticated needs of car users, from electric products to mechanic products. Our efforts in diversification
are embodied in the high quality and advanced functionality of IMASEN seat adjusters, our core products.

  • Products and services

    • Power and manual seat adjusters • Height adjusters • Down-sized round reclining units • Slide adjusters • Brake units • Various electronic units and relays
  • Capabilitites

    • Welding by robot • Assembly • Hydraulic press of 60tn, 30tn, 50tn • System vision