E-Plating is a Mexican company supplying plating and other surface treatments for automotive components. We convert bare metallic parts in usable components according s
pecifications of automotive OEMS. We are the only one supplier of OEM approved Zinklad 96, 250, 1000 and 1000B processes, required by FORD, GM, FCA, RENAULT, NISSAN, VW and others.

Main customers:

• Kolektor • Celay • Toyota Tsusho. • Matsuju • Okawa • Metalistik • Precision Resource • Mubea • YKK

  • Products and services

    • Tin plating for copper and iron parts. • Zinc plating with clear and yellow trivalent passivation. • Zinc-nickel alloy plating, with clear and black trivalent passivation. • Hydrogen relief heat treatment. • Top coats for coefficient of friction control. • Vibratory deburring.
  • Certifications

    • ISO 2001:2015. • Zinklad 96, 250, 1000 and 1000B approved applicator. (No other in Mexico). • Guanajuato Brand.
  • Capabilitites

    •Tin plating line, rack and barrel. • Fully automated state-of-the-art Zn and ZnNi alloy plating lines. • Continuous oven for hydrogen relief. ( No other in Mexico ). • Dip spin machine. • Vibratory surface finishing machine. • X-ray fluoroscopy spectrometer to measure thickness and alloy percent. • Neutral salt spray chamber for corrosion testing. • Full range of laboratory equipment for process control