Founded in 2002, Coglitec began as an opportunity to transfer the unique vulcanizing process developed by the shareholders on the prior years.
The developed vulcanizing process guarantees at least the 99% of the surface covalent union between the metal and rubber surpassing the rubber’s yield strength (elastic limit).

The company features the knowledge to upgrade the physical and mechanical rubber performance thus optimizing the product efficiency in operational conditions.

  • Products and services

    • Sulastic Shackles for a better and more comfortable ride on the vehicle. • Rubber-Metal Parts where is critical to have an outstanding rubber bonding process. • Torsion Rubber replacement parts also known as Torsilastic.
  • Capabilitites

    Our manufacturing process using only rubber and metal of top quality. The rubber and metal are bonded together using our exclusive technology and thus achieving a longer lasting product. In addition, our process allows us to guarantee the metal to rubber bond will outlast the rubber itself, adding value to the product.
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