CELANESE SO.F.TER. are one of the largest independent compounders in the world, with a product range that encompasses Engineering Plastics, Thermoplastic Elastomers and Thermoplastic Vulcanized.
Thanks to its technological know-how and application experience,
CELANESE SO.F.TER. are able to offer its customers innovative, tailor-made solutions with a high specialization in the automotive, domestic appliance, construction, footwear
and sports sectors. Specialties include UL certified flame retardant compounds, reinforced materials suitable for metal replacement and high temperature resistant and impact
resistant compounds.

  • Products and services

    Our offer of materials covers since the ENGINERING POLYMERS modified with Mineral Fillers, Glass Fibers, Flame Retardant, Glass Beads, Carbon Fiber, Barium Sulfide, Among others materials. Our product portfolio includes Polifor®/Tecnoprene®/ Talcoprene® (PP), Nylfor®/Nivionplast® (PA6and PA66), Pibifor®/ Pibiter®(PBT), Blendfor®/Reblend® (PC/ABS), Abistir®/Retelan® (ABS),Sanfor® (SAN) among others. In addition our offer include THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMERS such as Forprene® (TPV), Laprene® (SEBS), Sofprene T®(SBS) and Pibiflex® (TPC/ Copolyesters)®. To cover either rigid and flexible solutions
  • Certifications

    - ISO 908:2001 Certified and also CTPAT. - ISO14000 On going.
  • Capabilitites

    Our Group manufacture several types of compounds serving the automotive sector since 1980 manufacturing more than 200,000 Tons/year.