ARBOMEX is a supplier of innovative iron solutions for the automotive, refrigeration and industrial sectors, specialized in camshafts, shafts and other iron components for powertrain and chassis.
Arbomex, supplies to OEM´s different products and also participate with camshafts for the aftermarket segment with his own brand, supporting programs with medium and highvolume requirements.
Their foundry has the latest technology on electric furnaces and they have two molding production processes: Lost Foam and No Bake.
CNC equipment for the machining facility, which is supported with induction hardening, furnaces and in-line gages to meet customers’ requirements, all supported with Metrology Labs which have all equipment
required to confirm the highest levels in quality.

  • Products and services

    Automotive products (cast & machining): camshafts, balance shafts, axle sleeve, differential carriers, cylinder sleeve. Refrigeration products (cast & machining): Small crankshaft & eccentric shafts, cylinder sleeve. Truck products (cast & machining): water pump & brackets for suspension – chassis.
  • Certifications

    - IATF 2016:16949 - ISO 2015:14001
  • Capabilitites

    Vertical integration for casting, machining and assement 3D measurement equipment. At home we design-build casting tools. 3D visual measurement equipment Supports prototypes for the development of programs.