APC Manufacturing was established in 2012 as a joint venture between US and Mexican investors.
We have the capability and expertise to produce electrical harnesses for wide range of industries such as: automotive, transportation, aerospace, military, marine, industrial equipment and home appliances.
APC employs some of the most highly trained and experienced engineers in the industry, with extensive knowledge and experience in US and Canada markets.

  • Products and services

    Wire harness/Cable assemblies: According to SAE J1128 standard such as GXL, TXL and SXL as well as UL standards UL1007, UL1015 and UL1569. We also supply wires per DIN 72551-6 for our customers in North America. In addition, we work with multiconductor, coaxial and ribbon cables. Battery Cables: To power cars, trucks, tractors, industrial equipment, etc. We can work with any cable size from 4/0 to 6 AWG and all types of ring and battery terminals. Some of the cables currently supplied to our customers are SGX, SGT and UL1232. Electro mechanical assemblies: Such as instrument panels, switches, and printed circuit boards.
  • Capabilitites

    • Ultrasonic Welding. • Bench Wire Cutters for battery cables. • Continuous Ink Jets (CIJ) to mark on wires and cables. • Wide range of Tyco, Molex, Delphi and Deutsch Applicators. • Assembly Boards wired to electrically test 100% of production. • Programmable Low Voltage Testers for continuity, shorts, diodes, resistors and capacitors. • Fully automated wire processing equipment to perform cutting, stripping, sealing and crimping. • Hipot Testers with the capability of High Voltage Testing for Insulation resistance and dielectric withstand.
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