2002 First project for Material Handling for the automotive industry. 2004 First batch of products exported to the US; Incorporation of the powder painting process. 2005 Assignment of Chrysler General Motors Supplier No. 2005 Expansion of the production area by 100%. 2006 Implementation of the 4G Production System and implementation of the polyurethane injection process. 2007 Assignment of the supplier number of Honda Motors. 2008 Certification in ISO 9001: 2008; Assignment of the supplier number of Ford Motor Company. 2009 Assignment of Volkswagen Supplier No. 2010 Incorporation of equipment with CNC technology. 2011 Maintenance workshop installation within the Ford Chihuahua plant; Mazda supplier No. assignment. 2012 Incorporation of the galvanizing plant; Maintenance workshop inside Chrysler Toluca. 2014 Inauguration of the new plant in “El Resplandor”. 2015 Installation of Maintenance Workshop in Saltillo; assignment of the Nissan and Mercedes Benz supplier numbers. 2016 Assignment of the BMW supplier number. 2017 Installation of maintenance workshops in S.L.P. and in Puebla.

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    Racking Storage Systems Dunnage Polyurethane and foam Coroplast Plastic coated pipes Design and fabrication
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    Welding Polyurethane injection molding
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